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Yara Animal Nutrition's operations in South Africa include a raw materials processing plant and sales office in Umbogintwini near Durban, as well as distribution depots across the country. Selling mineral feed supplements to feed producers and farmers across Southern Africa with sales in Australia, New-Zealand, Middle East and Argentina. Globally, Yara Animal Nutrition sells to over 70 countries and controls wholly-owned phosphate mining and production assets in Europe and the Americas.

Yara South Africa is ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified. We are also certified with Afri Compliance and are an Approved Veterinary Establishment for Exports.

As part of a leading international player in our industry with more than 7500 employees in 50 countries around the world, Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa recognizes and promotes high performance and high ethical standards among leaders and employees at all levels.

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Who we are

Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa is a subsidiary of Yara International. Based in Umbogintwini, Durban, Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa operates according to the principle of Safe Feed for Safe Food, ensuring high standards.

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Phopshate based mineral licks can improve the overall health and productivity of your animals. Yara Animal Nutrition offers a wide range of products to help your farm maintain and improve animal health.

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Your Feed Formulations

Our qualified and registered nutritionists provide Feed Formulations to help you get your animals the balance of nutrients they need.

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Our sales team is ready to help you with all of your Animal Nutrition needs. We have representatives covering all of Southern and South Africa.