Mineral deficiency and Phosphate shortages has a huge impact on production and health of animals in intensive and extensive livestock farming practises. Supplementation of Phosphate based mineral licks in general can improve overall production and fertility of your animals.

The manufacturing process of Kynofos 18 (DCP) and Kynofos 21 (MDCP) from de- fluorinated Phosphoric acid, can be controlled and monitored at every step to ensure a product of the highest international standard. Kynofos 21 forms the phosphate basis of both our Kimtrafos and PhosSure ranges to ensure excellent bioavailability of phosphates in all our products.

Our PhosSure products has a unique weather resistant feature, which prevents loss or damage due to rain by forming a protective layer. This layer will prevent water from leaking into the product and therefore product below the layer will stay dry.

Kalori 3000 is a spray-dried Molasses by-product in powder form that will increase the palatability of licks and feeds which will also act as a binding agent.

Cows Feeding

Kynofos 21 Elite

Kynofos 21 is a granulated, pure phosphate and calcium source with low levels of undesirable elements and no added molasses or trace minerals.

Bolifor Poultry

Kynofos 21 Fines

The high bioavailability of KYNOFOS 21 Fines makes the product an ideal calcium and phosphate source.

Cows Feeding 2

Kynofos 18 Grandé

Kynofos 18 Grandé is a high quality, feed grade dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (DCP).

Sheep Feeding

Kimtrafos 6 Grandé

A ready to use, phosphate, trace mineral supplement with essential trace minerals.

Cows Feeding

Kimtrafos 12 Grandé

Kimtrafos 12 Grandé is a phosphate-trace mineral concentrate, with all the trace minerals needed for optimal production and reproduction.

Cows Feeding

PhosSure 6

A ready to use, water resistant phosphate, trace mineral supplement enriched with a molasses byproduct.

Cows Feeding

PhosPro 17

PHOSPRO 17 is a ready mixed phosphate-salt-trace mineral and protein supplement.

Sheep Feeding

PhosSure 12

PhosSure 12 is a phosphate-trace mineral concentrate, with the unique characteristic that it is weather resistant.

Cows Feeding

Feed Grade Sulphur

Feed Grade Sulphur is 99.8 % pure elemental sulphur in the form of a yellow to dirty yellow, fine powder.

Sheep Feeding

Feed Grade Urea

Feed Grade Urea is pure urea (> 98 % CO(NH2)2 equivalent).

Cows Feeding 2

Kalori 3000

KALORI 3000 is a spray dried condensed molasses soluble (CMS) powder. CMS is derived from molasses fermentation to produce ethanol.