Concrete Accelerator admixture

Concrete accelerator admixture Looking for a Concrete Accelerator admixture that gives you better performance whatever the weather?

NitCal, Yara's additive for concrete is the solution intended for use under any weather condition. It is incorporated in concrete before or after mixing in order to change its features:


  • In winter, choose Yara’s NitCal and you won’t have to interrupt construction activity because of the cold weather. NitCal performs as an effective setting accelerator even when it is very cold, so you can put concrete on site and increase the rotation of your molds.
  • In summer, under hot ambient conditions setting acceleration leads to an early hydration of the surface, and thereby prevents moisture loss. NitCal prevents surface cracking of pre-cast components and also beams, slabs and other items cast on construction sites in hot areas.

For over twenty years, NitCal from Yara has been sold around the world, as uncoated granules or in a liquid solution. In South Africa, it is used by major concrete manufacturers and admixture companies as well as in many types of construction projects: buildings, large civil engineering works, bridges etc. Yara is the largest producer of nitrates in the world. Using their breadth of knowledge and experience, our R & D teams constantly develop applications for various industries such as the construction industry.

Concrete setting accelerator admixture

Concrete setting accelerator admixture

Our concrete setting accelerator NitCal has many benefits in a range of concrete pouring situations. You can use Yara’s concrete setting accelerator without any risk to the quality of your concrete:

  • It allows cold weather concreting. No need to stop activity at your construction site even if the winter is unusually cold!
  • It neutralizes the slowdown of setting due to use of plasticizers.
  • It optimizes your consumption of water and cement, when used in conjunction with a superplasticizer. NitCal utilizes hydration heat to prevent freezing, it does not shift the freezing point of water.
158x158 Concrete corrosion inhibitor

Concrete corrosion inhibitor

NitCal reduces the corrosion of reinforced concrete used in buildings or structures. Thus, it increases the strength of structures, extends their life and improves the security of the building over the long term. Unlike chlorine accelerators that can seriously damage fittings, NitCal is a non-corrosive accelerator. In addition, NitCal is an environmentally friendly product that is non-hazardous and that does not cause alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR).

158x158 Concrete admixture’s carbon footprint

Concrete admixture’s carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is a growing concern for concrete producers in South Africa and across the world. Using NitCal helps to attain a better carbon footprint as Yara uses state of the art technology in its production plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as the nitro-phosphate process, and also the reduction of N2O by utilising its proprietary catalysts.

Ease of use - NitCal

Ease of use

NitCal is both safe and easy to use. NitCal from Yara is sold in South Africa, in granules or in a liquid solution. It is used by major manufacturers of concrete and also in many projects for all types of construction: buildings, large civil engineering works, bridges etc.

Supply reliability - NitCal

Supply reliability

NitCal is a mixture of nitrate salts which was developed by Yara in the early nineties. Yara is the world’s largest producer of nitrates and with its experience, its R & D teams are constantly developing applications for various industries such as the construction industry. We meet our South African partners' needs throughout the year, with direct deliveries across South Africa.

NitCal Concrete Antifreeze

Cold Weather Concreting

NitCal increases the temperature in the concrete at an early stage, by accelerating the hydration process and heat release. This means that irreparable lower final strength and durability, micro cracks and gaps, and spalling can be avoided.