Nitrogen Deficiency on Orange - Citrus

4402-nitrogen deficiency on orange - citrus-main image

Sympton description

The older leaves are pale green to yellow and abscise. The life of a leaf can be shortened from 1-3 years to 6 months. The leaf veins have a clear colour tending to white.

Made worst by

Low or high pH soils. Sandy or light soils (leaching.) Low organic matter. Drought conditions. High rainfall (leaching) or heavy irrigation. Addition or high levels of non-decomposed organic matter/manure (eg straw). Fast growing crops.

Important for

Foliage lusher and greener. Shoot growth vigour increased. Fruit set/crop load increased. Yield is increased. Juice quantity and quality improved (acidity and soluble solids increased).

Cause description

Nitrogen deficiency Sulfur deficiency causes similar symptoms, but it begins at the younger leaves and the veins are usually green.