Role of Molybdenum in Citrus Production

Molybdenum is essential for nitrogen metabolism in citrus production.

Molybdenum effect at growth stages

Stage Molybdenum effect
Fruit Enlargement and Maturation Improve juice content, quality and provide a thicker skin
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General guidelines for Molybdenum application

Molybdenum is essential for nitrogen metabolism, where it is a key component of the enzyme nitrate reductase, which catalyzes the first step of the conversion of nitrate-N into plant N compounds. Its deficiency can significantly reduce N metabolism and tree growth, resulting in lower yields and poor quality.

Molybdenum deficiencies in Citrus

Molybdenum deficiencies are seen in summer as interveinal, yellow spots in leaves. They are most severe on acid soils and can be cured by using foliar sprays. To prevent Mo deficiency over a longer period and improve citrus health, liming of acid soil is useful. Molybdenum deficiencies are rarely seen in alkaline soils.