Role of Sulfur in Citrus Production

Sulfur is an important component of enzymes and other proteins, and is required for chlorophyll formation in citrus production.

Sulfur effect at growth stages

Stage Sulfur effect
Fruit Set To improve fruit set and fruit retention
See more on Citrus Growth Stages.

General guidelines for Sulfur application

Relatively low levels of sulfur are needed in citrus production because removal is low. However, when supplies are limiting, sulfur has a direct effect on citrus yield. There is often enough sulfur in N-P or N-P-K fertilizers, micronutrient formulations or irrigation water to meet crop needs.

Sulfur deficiencies in Citrus

Sulfur deficiency symptoms are often very similar to those of N deficiency. The youngest leaves become yellow over the whole leaf. Necrotic lesions may appear which cause early leaf fall. Fruits fail to reach full size and have thicker peels than usual.