Crop Protection

Mealy Bug

Mealy Bug

Table grape production can be limited by weed competition, diseases infection, and insects and nematodes infestation. Application of herbicides or shallow cultivation between the vines can remove weeds competing with the vine for nutrients and moisture. Black rot, botrytis and downy and powdery mildew diseases are caused by wet weather and can cause considerable table grape yield loss and quality deterioration.

pheromone trap

Pheromane traps are used to assess insect populations.

The most effective control is through fungicide application, though balanced crop nutrition programme and opening up the crop canopy can reduce disease pressure. Viruses such as leaf roll and ring spot can be minimized by ensuring new vines are clean and that transmitting pests such as nematodes are not brought in with rootstocks. Numerous insect species attack wine grape. For example, the grape berry moths are chronic pests and can be controlled by using insecticides.