Wine Grape Fertilizer Program - Water Soluble

Elaborated by our specialists, Yara's fertilizer program for wine grape can help you to achieve excellent crop performance.

Wine Grape Fertilizer Program - Liquid
Disclaimer: The information contained herein is to the best of Yara's knowledge and belief accurate. Recommendations and results stated, unless otherwise acknowledged, are based upon Yara's experience and on field trial results.

Relevant Yara Products - Application & Guidelines


YaraVita Seniphos is one of the range of "Foliar Phosphate" products from Yara. These concentrated liquid products are designed to provide a fast acting fuel for plant energy, to boost crops during periods of rapid growth.


YaraVita Stopit is formulated from food grade calcium chloride to ensure crop safety and freedom from harmful impurities.


YaraVita Mantrac Pro is a highly concentrated flowable manganese formulation containing 8 times more manganese than a typical liquid chelate and almost 3 times that of sulphate or nitrate based liquids.

YaraVita ZINTRAC 700

YaraVita Zintrac 700 is a highly concentrated flowable zinc formulation containing 8-10 times more zinc than a typical liquid chelate and 3-4 times that of sulphate or nitrate based liquids.


YaraLiva Calcinit is a fully water soluble nitrogen and calcium fertilizer.

YaraVita BORTRAC 150

YaraVita Bortrac 150 is a concentrated liquid boron formulation, manufactured to exacting quality control standards, to guarantee consistent analysis, crop safety and product performance.