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YaraVita Photrel is a high quality, fully soluble powder product combining a balanced combination of essential nutrients for canola and vegetable crops including legumes. The nutrient balance was determined by Yara's own nutrient profiling research and YaraVita Photrel has since been trialled all over the world. With a 20 year pedigree the product is easy to mix and is very safe on the leaf. YaraVita Photrel contains good levels of each nutrient, for example a label rate application will deliver as much boron as an individual YaraVita Bortrac 150 spray, and contains high sulphur levels to combat the sulphur deficiencies that are now appearing due to low atmospheric sulphur deposition.

A soluble powder formulation gives the potential for a higher nutrient concentration than a liquid, meaning lower application rates, less product to handle and store, less packs to recycle, whilst also making it easy to mix the product in the spray tank.

A broad tankmixability makes it easy to co-apply the products with agrochemicals, saving both time and money. Just as important, free access to Tankmix information online or via smart phones makes it quick and easy to check whether products can be co-applied.