AdBlue® - Packaging Options

Your AdBlue consumption will determine your purchasing options, eg which packaging to choose in the initial stages. These are questions that our Air1 sales team can help you answer. Our range includes: 

  • Packaged AdBlue: 10Liter AdBlue cans, 210Liter AdBlue drums, 1000Liter AdBlue IBCs.

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Air1 10ltr CanIf you only have one or two vehicles equipped with SCR, then this 10Litre AdBlue Can will suit your needs. This Can is:

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to use to fill the tank
  • Nozzle included for contamination-free pouring

10 Litres allows you to make a journey of approximately 600km (400miles). They can be carried on vehicles for emergencies to enable you to reach your depot or the next service station if necessary.

You can buy our AdBlue Cans from service stations, Air1 distributors or from your vehicle dealership.

AdBlue Drum

If you have a small fleet of SCR engines, you can easily choose the 210Litre Drums. Correctly stored, you can store AdBlue in your depot for 12 months.

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Intermediate Bulk Containers

If you have just bought your first new SCR        vehicle(s) or if your fleet includes vehicles that only travel short distances, you will have a limited AdBlue consumption. It is therefore better to start by a simple solution: the intermediate bulk container (IBC). This 1000Litre IBC will offer you a complete and flexible solution alongside your fuel storage.

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