Optimize your NOx control system

Reduce costs and improve your system’s efficiency

NOx control systemAre your operating costs increasing when you operate your system to control NOx? This may be due to:

  • Over consumption of NOx reducing agent
  • Ineffective treatment of smoke gases
  • Frequent need for maintenance tasks and replacement parts.

Whatever your current strategy for NOx treatment is, it is possible to solve these challenges. Yara can help you assess your process to reduce NOx and advise you on how to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your installation.

Measuring the combustion, smoke gases and NOx emissions of your NOx reduction system

Our experts will evaluate your current system and analyze your combustion and your level of NOx reduction. A mobile testing unit allows them to:

  • Gather information about your combustion process
  • Assess your level of emissions and measure the flow of your chimney flue
  • Apply temporary corrective actions to your existing NOx treatment system.

This helps to determine the best strategy to implement so that your system reliably meets your demands in terms of improved NOx abatement or reduction in your operations costs.

From simulations and the results of their assessment, Yara experts are able to optimize your existing nitrogen oxides reduction system. The NOx emission levels will be reduced efficiently and reduction levels can even be guaranteed. Consumption of NOx reducing agent will be optimized to ensure maximum performance without over-injection, thus reducing reagent costs.

If you are interested in a technical control analysis to optimize the reduction of NOx, please contact our experts in technology for NOx reduction.

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