Upgrading your NOx control system

Upgrading your NOx control system to optimize your operating costs or to meet new legislation (IPPC Directive and Industrial Emissions Directive)

NOx control system

As new standards on emissions of NOx are changing, it may be that your current measures to reduce NOx cannot respond to these changes in legislation. From 2016 onwards, the Industrial Emissions Directive, will be implemented.

Maybe you have installed NOx control equipment that can no longer meet the new standards? Maybe you also have difficulties in obtaining spare parts for this system, or they have become more expensive? These problems can be overcome by upgrading your current system with the latest technologies.

Yara is a global leader in SNCR installations. We can evaluate and measure the ability of your systems to reduce NOx and then recommend how your system can be upgraded to improve performance. Upgrading your system means:

  • Replace or upgrade parts of the original equipment to optimize the flow of the reducing agent
  • Upgrade computer programs to improve the functionality of the system
  • Replace electronic systems that are no longer sold by the original manufacturer with new technology

For more information on technical control and the potential upgrade of your system to reduce NOx emissions, please contact our experts in NOx reduction technology.